Exodus 3

I have heard their cry


The cry of the Israelites has now come to me


In a short space God says twice that he has heard the cry.

Previously God called out to Adam and Eve who were hiding among trees. Now God calls from a bush. And God sounds his name to Moses.  He is not only the one who does. He is the one who is.

There is a sense that God in his is-ness that he is always hearing and always sounding. This makes for a difficult relationship. Living with children who sound insistently and constantly can be quite difficult. However, Jean-Luc Nancy, the French philosopher says that to be an ‘is’ is always being a ‘being with’.

This makes God not merely a fading sound but a presence that is intangible. Sound and fire are intangibles that can be heavily present.

I will be with you


It is this presence that Moses must sound out to a cynical, oppressed people.

They will listen to your voice


But in what sense will they listen?

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